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A Truly Unique Premiere Boutique  Pilates  Studio In the Heart of Niagara. 
Offering Pilates Reformer Classes & Registered Physiotherapy Services.  
The Best Feeling Is Realizing That A Month Ago Your Body Couldn't Do What It Just Did!

Have You Always Wanted To Try Pilates?
Now Is Your Chance To Try A Few Classes With A
4 or 8 Class Pack. Contact by email for information on how to get started.

Do you want to be stronger, have less pain, have more energy & better mental clarity?
If you can commit to 2 classes each week for 4 weeks, you can feel amazing and get back to the things you enjoy.
Best evidence for strengthening is twice weekly exercise sessions.

Pilates & Physiotherapy Go Hand In Hand!

Google Review by K. Will

“Wonderful studio. Very bright and welcoming. Dawn is amazing to work with and really knows her stuff. She has helped ease my back pain greatly. Would highly recommend either the Physio treatment or just taking a class at this studio. You will not be disappointed!!”  

The Pilates & Physiotherapy Program has many clients who are experiencing the benefits of 

one-on-one sessions targeting specific areas of concern. 

What are some of the benefits of Pilates & Physiotherapy Active-Based Therapy?

The goal of this program is to help you manage or get rid of your aches, pains, and injuries through exercise.  If you have health benefits then some or all of your sessions may be covered

Pilates + Physio = Awesome! 

Physiotherapy Fees:  

Initial Assessment $90.00, 30 Minute Exercise Session Each $80.00, Re-Assessment $85.00

Give us a call or email for more information.

Functional & Physio-Inspired Pilates Classes
Booking Begins in September

While many of us spend a lot of time sitting at the computer, or we have become sedentary it’s important to remain physically active and Functional Fitness can be a good way to keep your body moving.  Functional Fitness is an exercise program that will help with everyday activities such as getting up off the floor, carrying the groceries, cleaning the house etc.  The focus is to strengthen the muscles that are used in everyday life to improve mobility, function and quality of life. It will help to improve balance, endurance and flexibility, and really who doesn’t want that.  You will likely experience less aches & pains with regular classes.

Each class will be 30 minutes in length, it will be a gentle stretch and strengthen program, low impact, low intensity while working out the entire body on the Pilates Reformer.  




Straight to the core
virtual Studio

Be the first to take your Pilates Classes home, you will have access to all pre-recorded and live classes as offered with new content added regularly. Pilates Mat Classes, Reformer Classes, Pilates For Kids, Pilates Barre & Small Equipment Classes will be offered online ready for you to workout when you have the time. TOTAL FLEXIBILITY! Monthly Membership for unlimited access is $35.00 plus HST.

Click on the button below to access the Virtual Studio, and enjoy!




Pre-Requisite prior to booking first Pilates Class, contact for appointment.  

Private One-On-One Session on the Pilates Reformer for $75.00 +HST

Perfect for those who don’t have a regular fitness regime and are just starting out.  This private class will allow one-on-one personal attention to build strength, endurance & technique preparing the client for the Semi Private Reformer Classes.  

*For any pre-existing  medical conditions, please discuss with the Instructor prior to booking as a Physician’s written consent may be required.


We will find you the right Membership starting from $145.00/month.


Single Session or Classic Membership: $45.20/class for the occasional Single Session.  Or enjoy the 10 or 20 Pack when you need flexibility with your classes


Contact studio for more information. Pilates & Physiotherapy is recommended during all trimesters in Pregnancy where a custom exercise plan is created by a Registered Physiotherapist.


*Note:  Currently not offered.

We will find the right Membership Package whether you attend once or twice weekly Barre Classes, or pay as you go.


*Note:  Currently not offered.

Whether your child attends once or twice weekly starting from $55.00/month, +HST or pay as you go. 


Whether you practice Online at home, or combine Online Classes with Studio Classes we can find the right package to suit your needs.


Pilates Barre

Pilates Reformer Classes For Everyone!

Instruction is on the Pilates Reformer where you will learn breathing techniques, concentration, control, centering, precision, balanced muscle development, rhythm/flow, whole body movement & relaxation. Small equipment and props may be incorporated to help build strength while improving range of motion giving the user a total body workout. Barre will frequently be incorporated with the Pilates Reformer for a Pilates-Barre-Fusion Class.

Pre/Post Natal Sessions Contact For Information

In all 3 trimesters Pilates with Physiotherapy is often a good choice.  A custom exercise plan created by a Registered Physiotherapist and using the Pilates Reformer is a low-impact exercise allowing a full body workout but with control and modifications for the expecting mom. Post Natal recovery is enhanced with physical & emotional fitness allowing mom to get back to the pre-baby condition quicker. Diastasis Recti modifications are made with the goal of a full and rapid recovery.

Using music to uplift and motivate Barre helps to strengthen and tone your muscles without adding bulk. It will strengthen the core and improve posture while there is a cardiovascular benefit to the class that is effective in burning calories. This is not your usual dance class, actually there is no dance involved! It’s intense but still low impact using weights and other small equipment while listening to an uplifting dance beat. Barre will frequently be incorporated with the Pilates Reformer for a Pilates-Barre Fusion Class. 

Pilates Reformer
For Mature Adults
A Gentler Way To Stay Fit

Increases strength, flexibility, mobility.
Increases stability & balance, core strength, endurance & mental clarity.  It’s gentle on the joints, improves posture & muscle tone & helps to improve cognitive function.  Increases co-ordination, helps to prevent falls & age related arthritis & slows age related medical conditions.

Pilates Mat Classes
For Adults

Pilates Mat Classes for Adults will help to develop a strong core and pelvic floor while improving balance and coordination. Using your own weight against gravity you can expect to see increased flexibility, mobility and endurance while improving cognitive function. All you need is your Pilates Mat & 2lb. weights. This is a full body workout on the floor using small equipment that will give you results quickly. Combine this with a Barre or Reformer class for variety.

Private & Duet Classes

Individual & Personalized attention in a smaller group or single setting for optimum results.

Full Body Higher
Intensity Reformer

Adding on to what was learned in Level 1-2, Full Body Higher Intensity Reformer builds the Pilates repertoire with Intermediate Reformer exercises designed to enhance strength and coordination. Focus is on flexibility & core strength giving the user a well rounded full body workout.


The JumpBoard is a contemporary accessory to the universal Pilates Reformer that provides a firm, but padded jumping surface that allows for biomechanically sound foot placement. It is a fun way to get your cardio workout.

Pre/Post Natal Classes

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact exercise allowing a full body workout but with control and modifications for the expecting mom. Post Natal recovery is enhanced with physical & emotional fitness allowing mom to get back to the pre-baby condition quicker. Diastasis Recti modifications are made with the goal of a full and rapid recovery.

Straight To The Core
Online Pilates Classes

Online Classes for all! During these difficult times it’s important to stay fit for your physical and emotional well being. People who exercise regularly can often have a stronger immune system capable of fighting off infections. The Pilates Experience has pre-recorded home video workouts that are available in the new Virtual Studio called Straight To The Core. You will have unlimited access to all videos to be used in your home, at your pace, when you have the time. Total flexibility.

Private & Duet Classes

Individual & Personalized attention in a smaller group or single setting for optimum results.

Power Pilates

Power Pilates is a more intense full-body workout that combines Reformer Pilates & some strength training. Differing from our usual Pilates Equipment classes using heavier springs, and a quicker pace, Power Pilates is set up to give you a higher-intensity workout, while still remembering your core, centering, posture and form from your more traditional Pilates approach.

Pilates Mat Classes
For Kids

Pilates is a great workout for kids because it’s fun, it gets them moving and it enhances the body and mind connection. It will increase their speed, flexibility, stability, strengthen their bodies and help to prevent injury. If your child is in sports this is a great enhancement to their sports workouts. If your child is in dance it will increase balance and strength. For inactive Kids Pilates is achievable so they are more likely to stick with it. Whatever your child does they can do it better when Pilates is added to the mix.

NOTE: Mom & Dad will not be allowed in Studio due to Distancing Measures & space limitation. There are benches out front, or treat yourself and go for a quiet coffee.

60:40 Class

A combination of 60% Level 2 Reformer with small equipment and 40% Jumpboard. Small pieces of equipment such as balls, foam roller or weights may be used. This class is designed to strengthen the core as well as give some cardiovascular exercise.

Coming Soon: Yoga

Available soon in the Straight To The Core Virtual Studio, online Yoga classes will be added with unlimited access to all pre-recorded classes with new content added weekly.




You can expect to see results with leaner and stronger muscles, improving fitness levels of all clients from the beginner to elite athlete. The connection to mind and body will leave you feeling relaxed but invigorated to go on with your day feeling happy and fulfilled. You can expect an increase in flexibility, speed, power, endurance, balance, core strength and better mental clarity & cognitive function.

Studio Owner & Pilates Instructor Dawn Eden

Welcome to my truly unique Premier Boutique Studio in Beamsville where you will receive unprecedented personal & individualized attention, something you won’t receive at larger facilities, and I am very excited to have you experience my state of the art Pilates Reformers, you will love them!  Pilates is our focus, however, we offer other styles and classes for a well rounded workout experience.  My goal is to ensure your success during your fitness journey, and with my exceptional training and personal experience I will help you reach your own fitness & health goals.  I will strive to provide a safe and healthy environment so you will receive a challenging workout for the attainment of physical and emotional benefits.  The Pilates Experience is for people of all ages and walks of life keeping in mind modifications for those with physical concerns or limitations. 



Safety & Disinfection Protocols

Equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each class.  Shoes will be removed & placed in designated area at back door, only full coverage anti-slip socks are allowed in the Studio, NO BARE FEET.

Small Equipment

All yoga clothes, yoga socks & towels must be freshly washed between classes so bacteria and viruses are not brought back into the Studio. 

Arrival & Personal Items

Arrive 5 minutes before the start of your class so others will not be interrupted.  

If class is still in session please remain outside until proper cleaning has been completed before the next class begins, you will be invited in when we’re ready for you.

***Please leave all your personal items at home or in your car.  A cubby is provided for storage.  

Cell phones must be turned off and leave in cubby.

Memberships, Cancellation & Refunds

24 Hours notice required to cancel or reschedule a group Pilates class, if sufficient notice is not given and that Reformer cannot be filled, the class is considered used. Paid classes will not be refunded or rebooked without sufficient notice.  

48 Hours notice is required for Physiotherapy Services or charges may apply.

Class Packs & New Client Introductory Packages are non refundable.  Monthly Memberships are a 12 Month commitment, charges may apply if cancelled early

Anti-Slip Socks & Scent Free Environment

Full Coverage Anti-Slip Socks are required for each class.  Bring your own or purchase a pair at the Studio.

This is a scent free environment.

Kids Classes

*Note:  Currently Not Offered.

NOTE:  Mom & Dad will not be allowed in Studio due to Distancing Measures & space limitation.  There are benches out front, or treat yourself and go for a quiet coffee.  


Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, pricing, or to learn more about our Pilates & Barre classes.  We are located in the heart of Downtown Beamsville at Serena Drive & Ontario Street.

Email: ThePilatesExperience@icloud.com

1-5014 Serena Drive, Lincoln, Ontario L3J 0T2, Canada


Monday     4:00pm-7:15pm

Tuesday     By Appointment 

Wednesday     4pm-7:15pm

Thursday     By Appointment 

Friday     9:30am-10:30am

Saturday     9:00am-2:00pm

Sunday    Closed